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Maintenance on Cedar Garage Doors

wood.garage.door.americana.4.jpgCedar garage doors have started to become pretty common these days. That is mainly because of their regal natural beauty that they add to the house. Accept or don’t they actually look way better than all the other conventional metallic doors.


Should I Spray My Garage Door Springs with WD-40?

wd40-springs.pngYou walk in your garage, turn it on, and it starts making an awful noise. What’s the first thing you think of to fix it? WD-40! The same thing you use to fix all squeaky hinges. We’re here to tell you why WD-40 is NOT the solution when it comes to yo...


Chain Vs Belt Drive: The Quick and Dirty

chain-vs-belt.pngWe spend quite an amount to keep our vehicles safe inside the garages. It may include from building of garage to installation of best garage door and then finally choosing the best door opener for your garage. When evaluating which opener to buy most homeowners overlook the various options available to them in terms of the actual opening mechanism itself.